stand [stand]
stood, standing [ME standen < OE standan; akin to MDu standen, Goth standan < IE base * stā-, to stand, be placed > L stare, to stand, Gr histanai, to set, cause to stand]
a) to be or remain in a generally upright position, supported on the feet (or foot)
b) to be or remain in an upright position, supported on its base, bottom, pedestal, etc.: said of physical objects
c) to grow upright or erect: said of plants
2. to rise to an upright position, as from a sitting, lying, or crouching position
a) to take, move into, or be in a (specified) upright position [stand straight!]
b) to take, maintain, or be in a (specified) position, attitude, or course, as of support, antagonism, responsibility, sponsorship, etc. [to stand opposed to an act]
4. to have a (specified) height when standing [he stands six feet]
5. to point: said of a dog
a) to be placed; be situated
b) to remain where situated, built, etc.
7. to gather and remain: said of a liquid [sweat stood on his brow]
a) to remain unchanged, intact, effective, or valid [the law still stands]
b) to be or remain in a printed or written form
9. to be in a (specified) condition, relation, or circumstance: used with a phrase, infinitive, or adverb [they stood in awe, he stands to lose ten dollars]
10. to be of a (specified) rank, degree, or the like [to stand first in one's class]
11. to maintain one's opinion, viewpoint, adherence, etc.; remain resolute or firm
12. to make resistance, as to hostile action
a) to come to a stop; halt
b) to be or remain stationary
14. to show the (specified) relative position of those involved [the score stands at 28 to 20 ]
15. to be available for breeding: said of a stallion
16. Chiefly Brit. to be a candidate, as for an office; run
17. Naut. to take or hold a course [a ship standing out of the harbor]
18. Printing to remain set: said of type or printed matter
1. to make stand; set or place upright
2. to go on enduring; put up with; bear; tolerate [to stand pain]
3. to remain uninjured or unaffected by; withstand [stood the trip quite well]
4. to be subjected to; undergo [to stand trial]
5. to do the duty of [to stand watch]
6. Informal
a) to bear the cost of (a dinner, etc.) as when treating
b) to treat (a person) to food, drink, etc.
7. Mil. to stand in formation at (reveille, retreat, etc.)
[OE stand < standan, to stand]
1. the act or position of standing (in various senses); esp., a stopping; halt or stop; specif.,
a) a stopping to counterattack, resist, etc., as in a retreat
b) a halt made by a touring theatrical company to give a performance; also, the place stopped at
2. the place where a person stands or is supposed to stand; position; station [to take one's stand at the rear]
3. a view, opinion, or position, as on an issue [to make one's stand clear]
4. a structure for a person or persons to stand or sit on, or to stand at; specif.,
a) a raised platform, as for a band or for spectators along a parade route
b) [often pl.] a set of steplike tiers of benches, as for the spectators at a ballgame
c) the place where a witness testifies in a courtroom
d) a lectern, pulpit, reading desk, etc.
5. a place of business; specif.,
a) a booth, stall, etc. where goods are sold
b) a parking space along the side of a street, reserved as for taxicabs
c) a business site or location
6. a rack, small table, etc. for holding something [a music stand ]
7. a growth of trees or plants
8. Now Dial. a group, set, etc.
make a stand
1. to take a position for defense or opposition
2. to support a definite position, opinion, etc.
3. to come to a stop
stand a chance
to have a chance (of winning, surviving, etc.)
stand by
a) to be near and ready to act if or when needed
b) to wait to go aboard
2. to aid or support
a) to make good (a promise, etc.)
b) to maintain (a policy)
4. to be near or present, esp. in a passive manner or as a mere onlooker
5. Radio TV to remain tuned in, as for continuance of a program, or to remain ready to transmit without actually doing so
stand down
1. Law to leave the witness stand, as after testifying
2. [Chiefly Brit.]
a) to withdraw from a post, position, confrontation, etc.
b) to withdraw one's candidacy for a public office
stand for
1. to be a symbol for or sign of; represent; mean
2. Informal to put up with; endure; tolerate
stand in
Informal to be on good terms; be friendly: usually followed by with
stand in for
to substitute for
stand off
1. to keep at a distance
2. to put off, stave off, or evade (a creditor or assailant)
3. Naut. to take or hold a course away from shore
stand on
1. to be based or founded upon; depend on
2. to insist upon; demand due observance of (ceremony, one's dignity or rights, etc.)
3. Naut. to hold the same course or tack
stand out
1. to stick out; project
2. to show up clearly; be distinct in appearance
3. to be prominent, notable, or outstanding; have distinction
4. to refuse to give in; be firm in resistance
5. Naut. to take or hold a course away from shore
stand over
1. to hover over (someone)
2. to postpone or be postponed; hold over
stand up
1. to rise to or be in a standing position
2. to prove valid, satisfactory, durable, etc.
3. Slang to fail to keep an engagement with
stand up for
to take the side of; defend; support
stand up to
to confront fearlessly; refuse to be cowed or intimidated by
stand up with
to act as a wedding attendant to
☆ take the stand
to sit (or stand) in the designated place in a courtroom and give testimony

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